Diverse range of Engineering Consultancy Services

Overcoming technical, economic and financial challenges facing all projects

An environment where qualified, dedicated and energetic engineers can develop their
skills, adopt a collaborative approach to their work and deliver outstanding outcomes.

MEGIS is a global Engineering Consultancy firm driven to provide a bespoke solution for
every client. By blending insights with technological innovation, the company assists its clients in embarking on a calculated investment and pave their way towards reaching the highest levels of efficiency, profitability and growth.

Expertise & Capabilities

MEGIS has grown progressively to become a major performer among local, regional and international business corporations and capital investors. It offers innovative architectural & engineering design and analysis services to clients and developers for all types of projects at all phases.

To date, the firm has amassed a diverse portfolio of projects including airports, seaports, metros, commercial complexes, gaming developments, along with water, wastewater, residential and manufacturing facilities. Moreover, the company’s armamentarium proudly comprises numerous healthcare, cultural, educational and data centers.

Given the peculiar nature of the majority of projects, the development of work is based on the client’s continuous feedback on parallel progressing, as communication and responsiveness are key strengths that certify the firm’s commitment to exceptional delivery and engender the creation of a better-built environment.

MEGIS brings extensive engineering expertise covering the design and restoration of heavy concrete (reinforced, pre/post tension and precast elements), steel, wood, glass and aluminum structures, along with roads, infrastructure, piping, maritime, oil and gas works. With its deep knowledge in Building Information Modeling, it became a leading company in upgrading and retrofitting of structures, in all their aspects (geotechnical, civil, electrical, mechanical…).

Diverse Range Of Skills

Based on the client’s directives and a multidisciplinary approach driven by a batch of mastered skills and competences, MEGIS runs an in depth study of the market feasibility, design, procurement, commissioning, running cost, and maintenance plan. It sheds the light on possible risks, avoidable shortcoming and possible mismanagement slips. The latter can furthermore be extrapolated to managing the operation after ribbon cut.

Feasibility Studies


Geotechnical & Hydrology


Roads & Infrastructure

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing


Landscaping/ Urbanization

Renovation & Preservation

LEED/Sustainable Design

Value Engineering

Risk Assessment/ Risk Integration