Established in Dubai, in 2008, MEGIS has since expanded its footprint to other countries in the Middle East, the Arab Countries and Africa.

Thanks to its well-established reputation, innovative services and inspirational teams, MEGIS
achieved a major market share in its countries of operation in a very short time frame.

The firm brings forth the latest in energy efficient and cost effective solutions, to ensure a successful achievement of complex projects and guarantee that the interests of all stakeholders including local authorities, environment agencies, funders, occupiers and investors, are adequately addressed.


The Company’s aim has always been to provide the best-integrated solutions for each project’s specific needs, identify all anticipated risks, and overcome complexity challenges.
It promotes the use of the latest technologies similar to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools and software to support enhanced design, construction and project running performance.


Welcome to MEGIS, an expert renowned for bringing top-match quality and increased value across selected markets.

MEGIS exercises extreme care and focuses primarily on delivering top-tier products managed by a team both inspired and inspiring.

In adherence to the international standards and design guidelines, extensive quality control is a key stone to eliminate even the smallest clashes and respect the required safety and durability measures.

Value Analyses

Conducting value engineering analysis has always been on the head of MEGIS list of priorities. Thus various design alternatives are identified and analyzed to provide the most suitable and economical proposal.


As an essential part of the firm’s philosophy, MEGIS is always committed to respect the sustainability principles and thrives to reach a reduced impact on the environment.

Thus, it emphasizes on the implementation of the HQE (High Environmental Quality Standard) within its projects.